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Sharknose by Chris Graham
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Sharknose - “Seeing that toyshop has just reminded me of something” - A 'Lena's Friends' novel.
When a man takes his final journey, it would normally be in a hearse. He’d be wearing his best suit, or at the very least a shroud. However, when that journey’s taken in a small single engined aircraft, and he’s dressed in a basque, with stockings and suspenders, and wearing women’s make up, then something’s obviously gone awry.

But he’s still dead, just the same.

When something historic, that was thought to have been destroyed many years before, has been discovered, it should be a cause for celebration.  So why is it causing so many upsets?

Commerce, and the money it provides, is said to make the world go round, but there are many ways of making money that break too many rules yet people will still use them. So when Lena is abducted, why are they holding her when no ransom has been demanded?

When the boundaries blur between national heritage and notions of honour;  greed, violence, and death won’t be too far away. Eventually, in the mountains of Northern Italy, in Sicily, and in a cemetery in the countryside outside Milan, justice of a kind is seen to be done, and honour, at least, is served.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 106500
Published: Jun 2017

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