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Sorenson's Gift by Robin Roberts
Sorenson's Gift
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Vol 1 of the Sorenson's Gift series.
The storyman came to the park every day to spin wondrous tales of the past, amazing fantasies that held the children in thrall.

Just children's tales, at least that’s what Ryan thought they were, until his little sister, Stevie, disappeared into a mysterious trunk in the old man’s attic.

So begins an enchanting and sometimes harrowing journey for Ryan and his friend Cimmy, as they go back in time. They find themselves embroiled in the politics of an America they never knew existed. Racing against impending war, they find themselves battling king and clergy in a desperate attempt to rescue Stevie and return to their own world.  But before they can find Stevie they must find each other… and themselves.

Sorenson’s Gift is the first in a series of adventures three young people share as they explore exciting and wondrous worlds.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 165500
Published: Nov 2017
Genre: Fantasy

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