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Staff Behaving Badly by Clare West
Staff Behaving Badly
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Staff Behaving Badly is designed to help managers get the best out of their staff.

As a manager your task is to achieve your objectives as effectively as you can. To do that you have to make the best possible use of your resources.  People are often your most expensive resource – and surely the most demanding to manage.  But they are also very special. Most other resources depreciate over time but the people who work for you have the potential to develop and grow.

Clare Llewellyn West is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development and a member of the CMI and she holds qualifications in management, education and psychometrics.

She also has a wealth of practical experience of management, having held a series of management roles in finance, training and business support before starting her own business in 1995 so that she could concentrate on the provision of training, coaching and assessment. Her passion is "Helping people develop and grow, especially those who have leadership roles because they have such an impact on business success and, perhaps more important, on the quality of everyone's working life."

This book will help you if you are new to management or HR or indeed if you are an 'old hand' who simply needs a clear and concise guide to best practice.

Each chapter concludes with a summary so a busy manager can quickly look up or refer back to an important topic when 'in the heat of battle'.

The book looks at a wide range of important topics including:

  • What is 'behaving badly'?
  • Different personality types.
  • Different forms of motivation.
  • Career patterns and changes.
  • Developing competence and unlocking confidence.
  • Encouraging motivation.
  • Last resorts and formal procedures.

This book is an essential part of every good managers library.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 27450
Published: Feb 2012
Genre: Business

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