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The Jefferson Legion by Frederick E Bryson
The Jefferson Legion
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William Campbell is an angry man. He is angry at the government that ignored his son's Gulf War illness that eventually killed him, and angry over his wife's subsequent suicide--so angry that he forms a militia group known as The Jefferson Legion and sets out to wreak revenge on the government.

Located in the dense Nantahala National Forest of North Carolina, The Jefferson Legion uses humiliation as a weapon. Acting like a modern day Robin Hood, Campbell's legion steals from the government--including one huge hit on the Federal Reserve. They use the money to make cash gifts to needy families up and down Appalachia, families that have fallen through the social safety net. In another twist, they strike fear into Wall Street by dumping Russian gold on the market, causing panic drops in the market.

Much of their mischief is carried out on the Internet, by hacking into government computers and creating havoc in Washington. After a mysterious agency attempts to kill Campbell with a missile attack, the legion commandeers a military drone and crashes it into the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall.

Try as they might, the federal government can't catch the legion, even going so far as to set up an FBI paramilitary base, equipped with helicopters, in the rural mountain region.

As the American public comes to view the government as increasingly inept, federal officials slowly retreat into an armed compound within the District of Columbia. The rest of the nation is left to fend for itself. In the end, an unlikely solution is found from an unexpected source.

The story of the legion is seen through the eyes of a freelance journalist who has chronicled militia movements throughout the US. He comes as close to befriending Campbell as anyone outside the legion, and is repeatedly hounded by the FBI and other unnamed agencies to lead them to the fugitive band.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 88000
Published: Jul 2016

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