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The Legend of Salt & Sauce by Jamie Clubb
The Legend of Salt & Sauce
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10th Anniversary Edition - Updated, added to and with additional photographs.
Salt and Sauce were the strange names of two of Britain's most celebrated performing elephants. Stories of their exploits have become the stuff of circus folklore. Captured in India at the turn of the twentieth century, they were exported to Britain on the orders of George Lockhart, a world famous music hall elephant trainer, to form part of his ‘Cruet’ of elephants. By 1904 a tragedy at Walthamstow railway station left their new owner crushed to death and the reputations of the elephants forever the part of an infamous legend. By 1905 only Salt and Sauce remained of the original group, and these two elephants would live on for over half a century, continuing to colour the memories of circus people and the general public alike.

Some remembered them as intelligent, gentle and mischievous. Others recalled them as unpredictable and deadly, as at least one more person would be killed and this time it was no accident. Different episodes of their lives would be recorded in newspapers, famous books of the time and recollections broadcast over the radio. However, never has the story of their lives been told in its entirety. Until now...

‘The Legend of Salt and Sauce’ at last reveals the true story of Britain's most famous and feared elephants, and the people who knew them. It is a tale that began in the jungles of India and plays out in Great Britain, as these literal giants of the entertainment world walked the length and breadth of the country, touching the lives of such people as Carl Hagenbeck, John ‘Broncho Bill’ Swallow, Bertram Mills, Billy Smart, ‘The Thriller’ Yank Miller and the holiday camp entrepreneur Billy Butlin.

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Number of Words: 73800
Published: Nov 2018

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