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The Life of Nevermore by H L Dowless
The Life of Nevermore
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"Back in the days of nether glade, there were beasts of the air and tawny bears that may howl at the paled golden moon by the time of sunny midday noon. Along a tangled wooded creek side by the blustery dale, sat a quaint but squalid shack amid a Bastille like, square baled stack of browning souring hay. In the midst of the dusty hay stack, sat an aging grizzled elf, who gazed forward into a cracked black based mirror, gloating only upon himself, blankly staring deeply into his wrinkled moss hued, shattered toothed face...; taking a deep breath only to open his mouth, to sigh up at the smiling sun, high up in the moonlit sky...

Oh I do truly regret my many selfish sins, if only I could just live to begin once more again... Everything would most surely be different then,” he would scream into the stirring midday wind... until his voice would bend and grow silent for the day! Even though he would try with all of his might, his voice just had nothing at all more to say. It was almost as if the force of all nature would only lash out to punish him with wrenching silence once more, only to thrust his wretched body back into this dreadful life of destitution with much more to despise in this present moment, and even less to adore."
* * *
The story of Nevermore - is a life story but it is so much more, tales of daring do and deeds done, many illegal and some certainly immoral but somehow when looked at over-all, somehow right and justified...

What is a life well lived, do you know? Maybe Nevermore's is...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 35000
Published: Jan 2015

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