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Genghis Kant by Robert Cubitt
Genghis Kant
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Volume 2 in 'The Magi' series.
When you upset the Fell, they don’t just kill you. First they bankrupt you, then they ruin your reputation, then they kill you.

An Kohli is going to have a tough time restoring her reputation as Fell member Genghis does his best to make sure that her once respected name is regarded with contempt. She and her friends have to overcome enormous odds to prove who really committed the horrendous crimes on Mun Dane, for which An Kohli stands accused.

Genghis Kant is the second thrilling instalment in Robert Cubitt’s Magi sci-fi series. If you enjoyed the first book, or if you like the writings of Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett; if you are Jedi or Sith, a Trekker or a Whovian you’ll love this series of books that combines the best in Space Opera to tell a fascinating tale.

Explore the amazing galaxy of The Magi...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 83500
Published: Dec 2016

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