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The Magi by Robert Cubitt
The Magi
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Volume 1 in 'The Magi' series.
You really don’t want the best bounty hunter in the galaxy on your trail, and you certainly don’t want to make her mad!

The wise members of the Galaxy’s rulers ‘The Magi’ are lost, and law and order is breaking down. The evil Fell are trying to take over and it needs someone special to stop them.

Someone like gutsy female bounty hunter An Kohli, who will try to restore the balance. She must battle all comers to find The Magi before the Fell complete their takeover. An Kohli needs friends, a lot of luck and plenty of Grovian Whisky if she is to succeed.

The Magi is the first in Robert Cubitt’s thrilling new sci-fi series. If you like Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who then you’ll love this series of books that combines the best in Space Opera to tell an exciting story.

Explore the amazing galaxy of The Magi...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 80000
Published: Feb 2016

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