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The Meanings of Forms & Katas - by Bruce Everett Miller
The Meanings of Forms & Katas
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How can you learn the REAL reasons why there are forms and katas in most martial arts, and why should you spend so much time studying them.

There have been many very famous martial artists who have questioned the need for doing any kata at all. What they did not understand, is that, at least originally, when kata were developed, there was a real purpose for the kata … and that reason was self-defense. And if you know the techniques and principles taught by a kata, then you can use them wherever you need them, even on the street today!

This eBook by Bruce Everett Miller will let you understand the real meaning to the moves that are hidden in forms and kata - hidden in plain sight, if (yes IF), you know what to look for.

Learn the rules that let you understand if a kata is a combat kata, a training kata or a modern sport kata. These rules could be the difference between you practicing something that could get you hurt or something that could save your life.

NOTE: This eBook is intended for mature adult martial artists only!!!

eBook details:
Number of Words: 16000
Published: Nov 2013

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