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The Metamorphosis of Tai Chi by Robert Agar-Hutton
The Metamorphosis of Tai Chi
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Created to kill; evolved to heal; teaching peace
This book is an overview of the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi. It discusses what the art is, what it comprises, how you can find good and competent instruction, and much more. It also looks at one of the great paradoxes of martial arts. How that sometimes the most deadly arts teach people to be peaceful.

Are you a student or an instructor of Tai Chi or are you someone who has wondered about the strange almost mystical art that you have heard about or seen on TV or in a movie? If you are then this book will introduce you to the full art, not just the health and exercise art but the combat side - the killing side - as well.

Written by Robert Agar-Hutton who has a lifetime of martial arts experience and has studied Tai Chi since the late 1970’s it is written in a down to earth pragmatic style that will give you lots of information to enable you to learn (and hopefully understand) this amazing and complex art.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 31000
Published: Nov 2018

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