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The Nascent Moon by Bhargava R Kotur
The Nascent Moon
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A Collection of Romantic Poetry expressed in 43 poems by Indian poet Bhargava R. Kotur.

Bhargava's poetry speaks to the heart and the soul dealing with many of the differing forms of love that have intrigued and ensnared mankind from the very beginning...

- Moon before No-Moon Day -

Like an old lady having lost
All her youthful charms
And loitering with her withered body
To lose herself from the world
Counting her minutes!
And doubtful of living for the next day!
Yet - with a trace of the past glory
Haunting her still!
Thus too art thou, O! Moon!
Bent like a bow
Alike that woman!
Now, at the brim of thy life!
Treading on the way out!

Thou fade in splendor
And pass away -
But, thank God!
I bloom in full, within
Before I take my exit!
A heart bloomed in full
Is the surest sign
Of a matured soul
About to set from the world!
Thou step into utter darkness
But - myself into
Endless light and life, after death!

eBook details:
Number of Words: 6600
Published: Jan 2015
Genre: Poetry

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