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The Root of Fear - by Mark Strong
The Root of Fear
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The Root of Fear is an in-depth examination of the origination of Fear, aided by some of the ideas and explanations contained within ancient Buddhist philosophy.

The context of the fear under analysis relates to the often-imagined variety manufactured by the ego when it considers itself under threat, rather than the primal, 'fight - or- flight' chemical mechanism released by the body as a means of self-preservation.

The delve into ancient Buddhist guidelines indicates and explains how the ego is actually a false or made-up entity that is apt at 'losing the plot' without having undergone the necessary training, leading to all kinds of problems and issues in life largely related to fear.

With the ego having been established as a suitable topic of investigation, the examination commences, with idea being that once the 'root' causes (of FEAR) have been identified and more awareness of them has been integrated into daily life, with the mind training practice of meditation being a suggested aid with this, then a more 'authentic' and fear-free path (in fact true life according to Buddhist thinking ) becomes at once more accessible...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 11700
Published: Apr 2020

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