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The Soul Of The Messenger by Gary W Hesketh
The Soul Of The Messenger
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This book, is not filled so much with answers, as with questions. Along with these queries we must each decide what is more beneficial to our growth and how it fits in with who we are or who we are striving to become.

“At points in our lives we may be unusually motivated to make spiritual connections to a higher purpose, which often brings us closer to a different perspective on life and death. Even though we may be experiencing a very rewarding and enjoyable existence, occasionally, such as when considering the possibility of rebirth, we may ask ourselves why we would want to experience this plane again. The circumstances are almost limitless in terms of what we might encounter given a new life."

"Purpose is one of our strongest and most manifest inner drives. We see evidence of purpose everywhere – in our enterprises, our building of cities, transportation, in learning, in ever-improving technology, in career ambition, in thousands of ways do we see the expression of purpose in both individuals and cultures. It may be a matter of taking this characteristic, inherent in all of us, and finding its true source. The inherent drive of purpose so evident in humans is, I suggest, the soul’s need to fulfill its purpose of driving toward its own evolution."

"The enlightened mind fully realizes the trap of becoming products of a duality-based universe and comes to another realization; that our true make-up is not of this world of opposing forces, but is spirit caught in matter. In awakening spirit and transcending duality, a transformation begins.”

Gary W Hesketh’s book is an attempt to ask you to consider a simple question about the nature of being and the nature of the soul. But there is a catch, he doesn’t spoon feed an answer and he doesn’t simply make generalisations. Instead he asks you to follow a path to ‘The Cave of the Heart’ and question everything that you are and that you may be. ‘The Soul Of The Messenger’ is not designed to be an easy answer, it’s a challenge, but one that may just lead you to the highest reward, that of discovering our Higher Self, and the true purpose of our soul.

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Number of Words: 77500
Published: Apr 2015

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