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The Warriors: Mirror Man by Robert Cubitt
The Warriors: Mirror Man
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Volume 2 of The Warriors.
Be afraid, London, be very afraid.

Radioactive nuclear waste is smuggled into the UK to manufacture a “dirty bomb”. In the wrong hands it will mean a slow, agonising death for hundreds, possibly thousands of people. Who can stop this from happening? A young man is kidnapped by MI5 and is blackmailed into working deep undercover for them. He must find the bomb before the terrorists can plant it. If he fails then the whole of London may pay the price. But where do his true loyalties lie? Might he be one of the terrorists?

In this sequel to The Warriors: The Girl I Left Behind Me, the tension is ramped up high as the agent known as Mirror Man struggles to outwit the terrorists and prevent the largest terrorist atrocity the world has ever seen. If you like Frederick Forsyth, John LeCarre and Tom Clancy then you will be thrilled by The Warriors: Mirror Man.

Read the thrilling adventures of The Warriors: Mirror Man...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 86000
Published: Jul 2015

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