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The Wonderland Gang by Mick O'Shea
The Wonderland Gang
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“‘One of the men you’re looking for in connection with the Heathrow airport job is Bruce Milner...’
‘Who did you say?’ Jeffries gasped.
‘Bruce Milner,’ the caller repeated calmly. ‘That’s “M” for money, “I” for . . .’
‘I know how to spell his name!’ Jeffries snapped, feeling his stomach tightening at the mere mention of Milner’s name.

Milner had become something of a personal nemesis over the years, and he’d sworn to put the self-styled ‘Mayfair Playboy’ behind bars before picking up his police pension. There were at least five unsolved robberies currently on file at Scotland Yard that he would have put said pension on Milner having carried out. Yet each time he‘d pulled the cocksure thief in for questioning he’d always had an alibi to hand; the most recent being that on the particular night in question he’d been out drinking with the actor Michael Caine to celebrate the release of Caine’s latest film, Alfie.”
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A well known member of the London underworld of the 1960s, Bruce Milner is about to be ‘fitted-up’, framed for a crime that he didn’t commit... The theft of a large amount of Gold bullion. OK, so he had planned to commit it, but instead, due to a double-cross, found himself tied up in an Undertaker’s basement, not the most salubrious of accommodation.

Will he be able to escape the basement and the clutches of the law or will he find himself locked away for a very, very long time? And can he rely on his old ex-army buddies the delightfully strange ‘Dormouse’ and ‘March Hare’ his one-time fellow thieves, who once with him were ‘The Wonderland Gang’.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 92000
Published: Mar 2015

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