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Weapons use for the Martial Artist - by Bruce Everett Miller
Weapons use for the Martial Artist
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Bruce Everett Miller is one of the World’s foremost experts on the use of Pressure Points and how to understand them from a Western Medical perspective. He was also one of the founders of the Quan Li K’an style of martial arts. Quan Li K’an for many years has been a style dedicated to getting rid of what doesn't work and on keeping (and expanding on) what actually works in practical self defence and combat situations.

Bruce Miller’s book on weapons draws on his military, medical and martial experience and is designed to get you to think about and understand the principles of weapons use.

It is not going to teach you weapons forms or katas, because Mr Miller simply does not believe you can learn any form or kata from a book or tape correctly without a horrendous amount of work AND great insight into the understanding of what the kata is trying to accomplish. He also believes that what is needed, far more, is a book that teaches the overall principles of weapon use and defense, and that cuts out the nonsense and tells it as it is.

Therefore, this book will give his views and explanations about different weapons. Covering the major classes of weapons so that you can take what is said and use the principles in your own weapon training regardless of what weapons you use.

Like most of Bruce’s books, this is not for you if you are a ‘Ninja Wannabee’ - it is for the serious martial artist who wants to understand the why’s and the how’s behind effective martial arts usage of weapons.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 22600
Published: Nov 2014

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