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White Nights on the Neva by Frederick E Bryson
White Nights on the Neva
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I was having lunch in a sidewalk cafe in Pittsburgh, PA, when a young, blond waitress approached to take my order. She spoke with a heavy Eastern European accent, so I inquired as to where her home was. Siberia, was her answer. Having been drawn to the story of Alexander Pushkin for a number of years, I asked if she knew Pushkin. "Of course I know Pushkin!" she said with emphasis that hinted of obsession.

That was my first indication that a nation a half a world away shared my own obsession with this man of extremes--an ultimately brilliant poet, but an archly contemptible person. In every sense of the word, Alexander Pushkin was an ego out of control, his words capable of humbling a nation more focused on intrigue than humanity, while at the same time being the basest of sexual predators.

To Russians, he is their Shakespeare, having left a legacy of verse and stories that rival the pathos of any published in the West. But because the language in which he wrote does not lend to easy translation, his work remains little known in the West.

White Nights on the Neva is the recreation of the life of a man who was supremely consumed by matters of the heart, his own.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 123000
Published: Oct 2019

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