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Willie - The Life and Times of Willie Horne, a Rugby League Legend by Mike Gardner
Willie - The Life and Times of Willie Horne
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He was captain of Great Britain, England, Lancashire and Barrow. His style of play, like his style of captaincy, was courageous, decisive, inventive and inspiring.

Willie Horne, as survey after survey of rugby league fans has endorsed, was one of the sport's all-time greats - many would claim THE all-time great.

This is the Willie Horne story, an authorised biography with all the pace, wit and social commentary of a best-selling novel.

It speaks volumes about the working class community that spawned the sport of rugby league. It has much to say about the game itself and the hard men who played it in the Forties and Fifties. But above all it is the story of a player who in terms of skill, leadership and sportsmanship stood head and shoulders above his contemporaries – and all who have followed since.
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“There are good players, great players, then there’s Willie Horne. He was on another planet to everyone else”
KEN TRAILL, Great Britain loose forward.
- - -
“Willie Horne was head and shoulders above other stand-off halves. I had many favourites from the Fifties but he was always my hero.”
PETER FOX, Bradford Northern First Team Coach.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 96000
Published: Nov 2012

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