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Writing A Book That Sells by Robert Cubitt
Writing A Book That Sells
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When you start to write a book, you aren’t just writing a book you are selling your book as well. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your prose, if you don’t know how to sell your book then you may as well take up fishing instead. This step by step guide tells you how to construct your book in a way that will appeal to the reader, then how to make sure your readers know that your book exists.

If you don’t know what happens after you have typed “The End” then you need to read this book now. Learn how to approach an agent or publisher, or how to publish your book yourself; how to identify your market; how to reach a wider audience and how to build a loyal fan base that will come back to enjoy your books for as long as you keep writing them. If you want to sell your book you must first buy this one.

Learn how to successfully ‘Write A Book That Sells’...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 31000
Published: Nov 2014
Genre: Business

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